Many are the indie games that are presented on Nintendo Switch, greatly expanding the catalog of the Nintendo console. There are independent titles of great quality such as GRAY, Hollow Knight or Celeste, as well as others that, well, their quality leaves a lot to be desired, a topic that we talked about in an article a while ago. The analysis that we bring today, is an independent genre title developed by the Barcelona company Thinice Games. Concept Destruction puts us behind the wheel of different cardboard cars, whose main objective is the destruction of adversaries and our survival. Will you join us on this adventure?

Speed ​​and cardboard cars

As we mentioned at the beginning of this analysis, in Concept Destruction we get behind the wheel of some miniature cars made of cardboard, and we have a very clear premise, to destroy our 9 opponents and survive their attacks. As you can see, the objective is very clear. However, although it seems simple, I already told you that it is not. We have to destroy all our enemies by hitting other cars or against elements on the stage. However, you have to be careful since we are also your target and even in one of those blows we can damage our body, and being cardboard, it will not last long.

In a battle, there can only be one winner, so win the car that manages to defeat all opponents. This sounds pretty good, but nevertheless, if we consider some factors, the thing goes wrong. And is that one of these factors is the weather. We have a certain time to defeat all enemies (or destroy each other), but if the time comes to an end and we have not defeated all, we lose our game. We also have to be careful with the time we are without hitting another car, since if we do not hit an opponent in a certain time, a countdown will start. As you can imagine, if that countdown (which is short-lived) reaches 0, goodbye to our departure. The same happens if we do not move. This is somewhat more logical, but nevertheless, when you get stuck between several cars, that you cannot go forward or backward, the grace that makes this countdown reach 0 leaves you stiff.

Being cardboard cars, we have to be very careful, as soon as we receive a blow, our body begins to break, as well as the wheels or the engine. We have a kind of x-ray of our car that tells us which part is damaged, and what happens if the car is damaged? Sure enough, it will roll badly. Imagine driving with only one wheel! Occasionally, when we destroy another car or some element of the stage, they appear batteries, that we must collect to recharge our battery and thus be able to continue with our battle. If you are not very skilled, in the options, in the gameplay section we can change several factors such as battery consumption, the resistance of our car and our rivals or even the number of rivals or the duration of the event. Honestly, I recommend you change any of these options, as it can be frustrating at times.

There are several game modes: Championship, Individual and Multiplayer. At Championship mode We must compete in a series of events and destroy all our adversaries in various scenarios. At Individual mode We have several modes: normal, survival (all cars attack us) or tourism (although they attack us, our car is not destroyed). We also have the School mode where they propose us some challenges that we have to overcome.

A gameplay that leaves you cardboard stone

Although the Thinice Game proposal is good, does not quite curdle, and much of the blame lies with its gameplay. The controls of this title are not good, being little polished. How many times have I wanted to brake or skid, but it has not been possible, as I said before, to get stuck between two cars and not be able to get out of them. Well, and let’s not talk about cameras anymore, which for me has been the Achilles heel of Concept Destruction. The camera control is horrible, nothing stable, going so far as to make me dizzy. I must admit that on more than one occasion I had to stop playing with the dizziness I had.

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Both stages and cars are made of cardboard, and that graphically does it quite well. However, it should be noted that there are cars that have their bodywork unpainted, being light brown and many times they blend with the stage, which has the same color, coming to not see our opponents well. In both TV Mode and Portable Mode, Concept Destruction can be played perfectly, without noticing a sharp drop in fps. The soundtrack This title, as is customary in many car games, is very lively, made up of heavy metal songs. At first it’s fine, but then it starts to get very repetitive.

Concept Destruction – A proposal that could have been much better

Concept Destruction offers us a game with a very simple idea, to destroy the adversary cars while we are triumphant, which, however, due to its gameplay, totally tarnishes the experienceAnd it is that its controls could be more polished, as well as the control of the cameras, which move so much that they can make the player dizzy (a server always ended as if he had been inside one of the cars in the game).

We have analyzed Concept Destruction thanks to a digital code provided by Ratalaika Games. Version analyzed 1.0.0

A great proposal that is tarnished by its gameplay

Concept Destruction’s proposal is good, but nevertheless, its gameplay tarnishes everything. Both the controls and the cameras make the game « difficult » to play and enjoyable for the player.


Multiple cars can be unlocked as you earn points

Various options such as timing can be changed, thus making the game more bearable


Gameplay is not a good thing

The music is crushing when you’ve been playing for a while

Cameras can make the player dizzy