Anaheim’s Star Wars Celebration brought forward to May 2022

Star War Celebration event logo

The next event Star wars celebration will arrive in Anaheim sooner than expected. The official Star Wars website announces that the convention has been rescheduled to take place between May 26-29, 2022. Thus, the event is three months ahead of the previous August dates.

ReedPop (the organizers of the Celebration) and Lucasfilm had originally planned to bring the event to Anaheim last summer. But once the coronavirus pandemic made the 2020 convention season disappear, they decided to delay it until 2022. Apparently, the reason they did not reschedule it for 2021 was because in September 2022 the D23 will take place, and that is how it is generated. a little more distance between both events. Hopefully this Star Wars event will feature its own announcements regarding future Star Wars projects.

The Star Wars Celebration has allowed fans of the franchise to enjoy their love for all things Star Wars since 1999. It also allows Lucasfilm to share exciting news about the future of the franchise. Next year’s convention marks the second time the event has taken place in Anaheim, after visiting the city in 2015. In the absence of the Celebration, Lucasfilm announced some of the upcoming Star Wars projects at the Disney Investor Day presentation last month of December.

As is usual, all those who had their ticket bought for August, this ticket has automatically been modified for the new date of May. Likewise, those who wish a refund for the change of date, can do so until June 11.

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