Anabel Pantoja finds out live, in ‘Save me’, that she is pregnant

‘Save me’ has lived this afternoon, Monday February 22, a new historical moment. It all dates back to yesterday afternoon, when Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend He uploaded a photograph to Instagram in which Isabel Pantoja’s niece pulled out her belly, while her partner caressed her, suggesting that it was possible that the Andalusian was expecting a child.

Anabel Pantoja finds out that she is pregnant

That is why, as often happens in ‘Save me’, the program has prepared a moment in which the collaborator had to undergo a pregnancy test. Kiko Rivera’s cousin has agreed without problem, thinking that nothing could happen, when the surprise has been that, late in the afternoon, Carlota Corredera revealed that the result was positive.

Think it’s a joke from the show

In the last minutes of the program, Carlota Corredera has opened the urn that kept Anabel’s pregnancy test, and without looking at it, she has shown it on camera, pbeing able to see perfectly that the device had two lines, which means that, in just over nine months, the Pantoja family will receive a new member.

At first, Anabel Pantoja shook her head, stating that « it cannot be, it is not possible ». The young woman has even claimed that it was a hoax of the program, tampering with the device, but Carlota Corredera has sworn « by my mother » that the result was real. In addition, Gema López has pointed out that « a negative can be a false negative, but a positive is that you are pregnant yes or yes ».