Anabel Pantoja, devastated, tells how she really feels in the family struggle

01/01/1970 Anabel Pantoja attends the birthday of Mila Xim nez EUROPE ESPA A SOCIEDAD 01/01/1970 Anabel Pantoja attends the birthday of Mila Xim nez EUROPE ESPA A SOCIEDAD


One more day Anabel Pantoja attends her most complicated interview with Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Sálvame’ from her home in the Canary Islands where she is recovering from her operation. Living with much pain and sorrow what is happening in her family between Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera, Anabel recognizes that both parties are having a very bad time, although she believes that her aunt Isabel is especially alone in Cantora. “Each one in his pain but I, knowing my aunt, I know it’s wrong. I see Kiko on social media, I just saw him with his brothers, with his daughters, he’s screwed but my aunt is stuck there thinking about it. Although Anabel believes that this entire media confrontation could still be reversed if both parties met in person, the collaborator thinks that every day that passes is more complicated: “This would be fixed with a call but there has been a tremendous program I am not saying that the things that are being said are a lie, but it is a tremendous program for a mother. They have to see each other in private, that way they will not see each other. “Although Anabel cannot be with her family in person in these difficult times , the future wife of ‘El Negro’ admits that she would have visited her aunt: “She would have been with Kiko when she did the interview with Mila but she would have gone to see my aunt, I would have stayed as long as it would have taken.” Always in the midst of many family confrontations, Anabel admits that she has asked her cousin in private to stop this media war: “With the tweets, when he started with the tweets. There I told him to stop and he told me not to get involved. No I want to confront him, it hurts me but I’m not the one to say anything to him. She hurt me, she has been like a mother to me but I didn’t want her to explode like she has done. “Especially sensitive when they touch on the subject of her family, Anabel recognizes that she is having a very bad time since she has not been able to see the program ‘Cantora: The poisoned inheritance’. “I’m not going to lie to you, on Friday when you did the program I stopped it in the middle, I couldn’t believe it. I see things and I see headlines, all the information that is being given in the programs … Cantora looks like the Bermuda triangle , what belongs to Caesar, belongs to Caesar but we are not going to make firewood from the fallen tree, “said the collaborator. Although Agustín is one of the great losers in this media fight, Anabel says that she talks to him every day:” I speak with him to ask about my aunt. I worry about the health of the people who are there. I’m not going to talk about him. ” In the midst of this complicated family situation, Anabel believes that her aunt has the right to be completely sunk right now: “Knowing my aunt she will be devastated and she has the right to be devastated. Although she mortgaged Cantora 25 years ago, she loves and adores her son . She is more devastated than when she was in jail. There she had Kiko’s support. Now she does not know when she will see Kiko and her grandchildren again. “Without being able to hold back the tears and the feeling of sadness for everything that is happening , Anabel assures that her family hurts and that one of the worst things her cousin has done is to compare her family with Irene Rosales’s: “Irene’s family is wonderful, I loved their mother very much. Irene’s sisters loved each other. They contacted me and told me that they were there for whatever it takes with the girls. Each family has its own. ” Knowing the facet of Isabel Pantoja as a grandmother, although from outside, Anabel explains how her aunt is with her grandchildren: “There are different types of grandmothers. My aunt is a grandmother, but she has another profession and lives abroad. I see it from abroad and that It hurt me a lot. You don’t have to compare the grandmothers. Tere was wonderful and if she were here she would be suffering a lot. She talked a lot with Kiko and now she would advise her not to hurt her mother. “Although her relationship with Kiko Rivera was always It has been wonderful, Anabel admits that right now she is not being completely fluid. “I want to see my nephews, the four of them. My aunt and my granny. I have written several messages to Kiko to ask how he is and I have not received an answer. He will be involved with his things and I do not want to bother him. I do not want him to think that I’m writing to speak on the show. ” Once again Anabel defends the role that Irene Rosales is playing at the moment: “Irene sends me a message every morning. What I want is for this to be a bad dream and for him to find what he wants to find and be happy. That don’t relapse. I want your health and happiness, but I also want my aunt’s health and happiness. “