Ana Rosa Quintana explodes due to the demonstrations in support of Pablo Hasél: “This is terrorism”

The arrest of rapper Pablo Hásel, who will enter prison for crimes of insults to the crown, continues to occupy headlines and hours of screen on our televisions. Recently, Ana Rosa Quintana gave her opinion on the rapper’s imprisonment. Now, during the morning of February 18, The presenter has surprised the networks with her opinion of the public displays of support for the detainee.

Ana Rosa Quintana, against the demonstrations in support of Hasél

« I am in favor of the demonstrations, but this was violence ». That is how forceful Quintana was when referring to the altercations in Barcelona and Madrid, where there were several concentrations and samples of support for Hasél in which a protester lost her eye when attacked with rubber balls by the Mossos d’Escuadra.

« I think it’s okay for people to show up, but not that they lift the cobblestones of the streets to kill policemen « , affirmed the presenter of ‘The program of Ana Rosa’. « It was not a demonstration, this was urban guerrilla « he insisted, assuring that the protesters arrived with « clothes to change into and picks to remove the cobblestones. » « I am not going to call them protesters, » he assured.

« This is fucking terrorism! »

Before the more restrained position of some of the collaborators of the program, Ana Rosa Quintana came to explode in full direct. One of his commentators mentioned that he was concerned about the legitimization of violence, referring to « those who went out to do mischief », to which the presenter snapped visibly annoyed: « They are not hooligans, really! It’s terrorism, damn it! Street terrorism ».