Ana Rosa Quintana has been one of the television presenters who have been reporting the Covid-19 crisis day by day since it began. He has been through hard times, giving the last hours that were arising and now, since Friday June 26, the time has come to rest and take a vacation.

Ana Rosa Quintana, excited at the end of the season

After so many days of tension, the journalist has been moved to say goodbye and has not held back tears before leaving. « Today we reached the end of the season, the most difficult without a doubt », adding that it is also « the one that has demanded the most from Spanish society as a whole ». Quintana continues his message: « We only hope we have lived up to it. Thank you very much for letting us keep you company, for informing you, for entertaining you … ».

After showing a small video in which it was seen how the team has worked first confined and then with masks, Quintana has given the thank you viewers « for turning us into your window to see the outside during these three months.  »

« We hope we have been useful »

Shortly after, the presenter could no longer contain the tears of emotion surrounded by her peers. « It was not easy, » she commented as she wiped away her tears, and added: « But we hope we have been useful. » Visibly very excited, he appreciated the work of his colleagues: « There have been very hard days, but this team has lived up to it. »