Ana Rosa Quintana attacks Salvador Illa for his words about Ayuso

Ana Rosa Quintana and Salvador Illa. (Photo: Telecinco / EFE)

The leader of the PSC and former Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, entered this weekend in the pre-campaign of the elections of the Community of Madrid to support the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo.

Illa, in an act with both Gabilondo himself and his number two, Hana Jalloul, pointed out that “Ayuso has been more focused on attacking the Government of Spain than on protecting Madrid and its citizens when it was most needed.”

Of the current president of the Community of Madrid, he said that “it is fanaticism, the spectacle” and that “the policy that wants us to choose between white and black is useless.”

“I don’t need to tell you where all this is leading. A government that is not interested in management, that expels its partners and makes us go to the polls out of sheer partisanship ”, the former Minister of Health assured Ayuso.

Ana Rosa Quintana did not like Illa’s irruption in the Madrid pre-campaign, as she made clear this Monday in El Programa de AR.

“They have already become elections as if they were generals. He has entered the pre-campaign until the President of the Government supporting Gabilondo ”, has begun.

The journalist has continued assuring the following: “Illa, on Easter Sunday, has reappeared to support the PSOE candidate. I don’t know if Illa is the most credible person to talk about health management ”.


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