Ana Paula Siebert and her husband, Roberto Justus, took their 10-day-old daughter, Vicky, to the first appointment with the pediatrician. Upon returning from the doctor, the influencer celebrated that everything is fine with the girl. ‘It’s just what we want to hear at this stage of life!’, Said the businessman’s wife. Since the birth of Vicky, the entrepreneur’s fifth heir, Ana Paula has been sharing with fans every moment of motherhood


The youngest daughter of Roberto Justus, Vicky had her first medical appointment, 10 days after birth. In her social network, Ana Paula Siebert, the girl’s mother, celebrated the result of the assessment. “Vicky got a score of 10. My God, it’s just what we want to hear at this stage of life!”, Said the influencer and the entrepreneur’s wife, on Wednesday (27). Since the birth, Ana Paula has been sharing several moments of the girl, already compared to her mother and younger sister, Rafaella Justus.

Ana Paula is already surprised by her daughter’s appetite

At the consultation, Ana Paula was accompanied by her husband and shared the moment when the girl was weighed on the baby scale. “She is 100%, got a score of 10. There is nothing more important than that,” added the first-time mom, who was surprised by her daughter’s appetite days after giving birth. In addition to Vicky and Rafaella, the businessman and presenter is the father of Ricardo, Luiza and Fabiana, fruits of previous weddings, which were recently brought together in a photo.

Vicky’s mother gave birth in cesarean section: ‘Umbilical cord around her neck’

Shortly before taking the girl to the consultation, the influencer revealed why the daughter’s birth was a cesarean. “I was waiting for Vicky to turn around, but she didn’t turn around. Whoever followed my pregnancy knows how much I exercised and everything to try to turn around. It didn’t work and at the time of delivery we found out the reason. She had two very tight loops of the cord umbilical in the neck. And, in the position she was in, the cord would not loosen “, he explained. Still in the conversation with the followers, the former participant of “The Apprentice” felt pressured by herself to try a normal delivery and the complication she faced in Vicky’s delivery.

‘Difficult is breastfeeding,’ said Ana Paula, Vicky’s mother

On another occasion, Justus’ wife, whom he married in April 2015, said she has been facing a difficult process while breastfeeding her daughter. “It is not as easy as they say. It is a challenge, at least for me it has been. Everyone I talked to also highlighted this”, he pointed out, leaving a message for those who are also going through the same phase of motherhood. “Breastfeeding makes me tired and gets me out of sleep, but it is very nice. I set myself the goal of not giving up on breastfeeding and I am not giving up. Day after day it is getting better. I think it’s cool to talk to moms, because it really is complicated” , detailed Ana Paula. Recently, Biah Rodrigues, who also gave birth to her first child on the 17th, had already talked about the pain caused by breastfeeding.

(By Guilherme Guidorizzi)

Ana Paula Siebert celebrated the result of her daughter's first consultation, Vicky, as a result of her marriage to Roberto Justus: 'She got a grade 10'

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