Ana Patricia Gámez will welcome Karina Banda, the new presenter of ‘Enamorándonos’

Ana Patricia Gámez will give the message to Karina Banda in ‘Enamorándonos’.

Photo: Univision / Univision

This Friday will be the last day of Ana Patricia Gamez in ‘Enamorándonos’ on the Univision network, and after the news that surprised us all, the next question was, Who will take that place?

Well we can confirm that this Friday, Ana Patricia Gámez will welcome Karina Banda, the new presenter of ‘Enamorándonos’, the highly successful reality show from UniMas, which beats even Telemundo.

Even though Univision has not made it official and the idea would be that Ana Patricia herself present her, this coming Friday, June 11, when it is the day of her last show, we can confirm that the Mexican journalist and presenter, whom we see daily in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, will be the new companion of Rafael Araneda.

As we told you, there were several celebrities who cast for that coveted space. However, it was the public who chose the talent they wanted as the new host of ‘Enamorándonos’.

Why do we say that it was the public who decided for Karina? Because in the two times that Carlos Ponce’s wife replaced Ana Patricia, on social networks, followers began to ask for her.

mariliagalban: “If she should be the one to replace Ana, she does it very well 👍”.

lomirands: “Right. He even seems to be talking and laughing ”.

gladyvelez: “If anita goes with her, they look good together to do the program”.

melina_ha6: “She is the ideal for Ana’s temple… It won’t be the same without Ana… but since she made her decision, and Anita is respected, I too have dedicated myself to my children and I will never regret that…. Karina you are beautiful and charismatic, she would be the ideal 😉 ”.

_maggie.fam_: “Her energy, her charisma, her perfect personality are waiting to make her the co-host with Rafa”.

aleshorty25: “Yuppy so beautiful that you take into account that we love her and that we want her on the show”.

lydia.a.llamas: “Karina you are the best !!! I hope you stay in the @ program !!! When Ana leaves “you have all charisma and pretty and simple”.

gurquiaga417: “Ellaaaaa is what they should put when ana is not here. 👏👏👏👏. It is perfect for Rafael’s companion ”.

They were some of the expressions that viewers wrote on the Instagram account of ‘Enamorándonos’, after Karina’s last visit as a guest presenter, and The one who will now be the official host in the next season of the reality show that returns after the summer break.

Karina, who did not want to confirm the news, He wrote a few days ago, on his Instagram account, this message where he takes a walk through everything he has done in his career at his young age, and also talks about hope, and gives a glimpse of what he will make official on Friday.

Today I want to tell you something very personal … Since I was a child I always dreamed of seeing myself on television. A very special anecdote is when my uncle “Chava” (RIP) was in front of the TV and I, 5 years old, told him, ‘I’m going to be there. It’s incredible how from a very young age I already knew what my passion was.

And so it was, I grew up and I started studying Communication Sciences in my native country, Mexico, and how lucky I was, almost at the same time I had my first job on television, I felt that I was in my business, in the right place. This made me never lose focus and desire to achieve my dream.

What I did not know is that that longing and desire to be better and better, It would lead me to cross borders and reach screens that I had never imagined. And what do I want to achieve with this whole story?
I want you to have more confidence in what your heart desires, never lose faith in yourself and never give up in the face of a difficulty. Remember something … ‘Worth fighting for, worth having’“.


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