On May 13, Álex Lequio Obregón died after a long fight against cancer. The son of Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lecquio passed away in Barcelona, ​​leaving a huge void in his parents, his family and also friends. For her part, the presenter and actress has used social media during these weeks to launch different messages reminding her son; something he has done again this Saturday August 1 although in this case the words have been from Alex himself.

Ana Obregón at the funeral of Álex Lequio

Obregón has rescued from his son’s mobile one last post he wrote but never had time to finish or upload. I’ve been very hesitant to do it, but I know you wanted to do it. Today I share it with all of you on behalf of Áless from the mutilated heart of a mother, « Ana started writing, and later published the message her son wrote in its entirety. » The biggest problem of the human being, and mine until they told me he had cancer, it is the way to understand happiness, to be happy « , began Álex saying in the letter, to continue affirming that »I have spent 27 years of my life trying to be the best student, graduate from the best university, start companies and feel like a cowboy of capitalism, always anchored in the ‘more is better « .

He recognized in his text that « all precious and beautiful until one day they give you the news and you don’t know how many months you have left of life. In the blink of an eye, you realize the importance of ‘time.’ Better yet, you realize how and with whom you want to invest it. « Then, Alex wondered: » How many times have I not been with my girlfriend to stay sending emails until 3 in the morning? How many times have I gone to play with my little sister? How many times have I been to see my mother? How many have I hung it? How many rejected invitations to the movies with my father? How many? ».

Ana Obregón’s response

« I am nobody to give you advice but maybe, god forbid, one day you get a call from the hospital after doing a tac, a plaque or a blood test, inviting you to make an appointment urgently. Perhaps that day seven doctors feel in front of you and ‘boom’ all those goals for being an ace evaporate. In the end you only take the time and love that you have dedicated to the people you love, to whom … « , ends the writing. For her part, Ana Obregón completes this text stating that » I wish I had read it before you left to tell you that you have given so much love in this life; your friends, your girlfriend, your family and especially me, it would take a million lives to thank you«