Ana Obregón could sign for TVE as a political and current commentator

Ana Obregón continues to live her life after having suffered the terrible loss of her son Álex Lequio at the age of 28. Despite the hard year she has had, the actress has taken the courage and strength to continue moving forward and therefore has accepted the proposal made by RTVE to present the Chimes 2020-2021 with Anne Igartiburu in La 1. This may have It was only the beginning of his return to television, because the interpreter of ‘Ana and the Seven’ could have received more offers from the public network.

Ana Obregón and Anne Igartiburu

It seems that the biologist has a chance to return to the channel that saw her grow up as an actress and presenter. As stated in the 20Minutos newspaper, Obregón could have two job offers on the table; one of them would be to participate in the public channel as a political and current commentatorwhile the other would be to act in a play. In general, the actress has been away from the small screen since she was on the eight-episode reality show that aired on DKISS in 2016, ‘Algo pasa con Ana.’

Over four years, the presenter’s interventions in the audiovisual industry have been cameos like the one she made in the second season of ‘Paquita Salas’ or her participation in some of the best-known reality television shows where she participated as a contestant. In ‘Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition’ he won with Rappel in 2018 and a year later she briefly began to participate in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 4’ where she tried to demonstrate her culinary skills that she had been talking so much about, however, she was the first expelled from its edition.

Presenter of the Campanadas 2020-2021

Weeks ago, Televisión Española surprised everyone when it selected Ana Obregón as the presenter of the Campanadas 2020-2021 together with Anne Igartiburu, since It is the first time that two women are responsible for broadcasting on the public channel. The host of ‘Corazón’ has been present at the most important event of the year for 16 years, while Obregón had not participated in this event for 15 years. The last time he found himself in that situation was when he said goodbye to 2004 and welcomed 2005 together with Ramón García.