Coinciding with the celebration of funeral in memory of Aless Lequio, to be held this Tuesday, we have seen Ana Obregón going to the Church of Our Lady of La Moraleja to supervise the preparations for what will be one of the hardest days of her life. The biologist has found great comfort in the faith and attends mass regularly. The actress, who has the unconditional support of her closest family and friends, did not separate from her sister Celia, has become one of the great pillars in this recovery.

Ana has taken refuge in faith and beliefs to try to cope in the best possible way with a blow as hard as the loss of a child. A month and a half after Aless’s death, and with the new post-Covid « normal » fully recovered, the actress will fulfill her wish to hold a memorial service for her beloved son. Surrounded by family and loved ones, the biologist will finally be able to say the last goodbye to her little one.

Trying to hide the sadness on her face, Ana chose dark sunglasses and the required surgical mask for the occasion. Betting on black, the actress wore a midi dress with a beige cardigan that combined with shoes in the same colors. Alessandro Lequio’s ex, who is leaning on faith to endure these very difficult moments, he took advantage of his visit to the Church to specify some details of the mass in memory of his son.

This afternoon it is time to close a painful chapter and remember Aless with an emotional funeral. The young man passed away in full alarm and syour family members could not watch over the body or say a last goodbye as he deserved, surrounded by all those who loved him so much.