Ana Martín proudly holds the throne of Twitter – El Sol de México

Throughout the years, Ana Martin collected photographs of her different stages; moments of his childhood, images of his characters in soap operas and of his youth, which he has decided to share on Twitter.

On his account (which he opened in March 2020) he constantly shared anecdotes, reflections, and even videos with acting tips for his followers. But this week, the photos she shared went viral, making her trending for an average of six hours between Tuesday and Thursday.

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“It was thanks to my photographs as a young girl, and those of when the sexual revolution, the contraceptive pill and the empowerment of women took place in 1960, in that year I even shaved my eyebrows, and I thought they would never grow back,” he says. the 75-year-old actress in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

“This social networks has been something that has filled my soul in this pandemic, I never imagined seeing so much support for me from all the youth of today,” he added.

Inspired by an 18-year-old fan, Ana entered the world of networks in December 2019 when she opened her Instagram account, with a photograph of her posing from a makeup chair. Four months later, she joined Tik Tok (where she is followed by more than a million people) and Twitter.

In the latter, its audience increased from 20,000 to 58,000 just at the beginning of this week and by Saturday, they were already close to 90,000. She also began the week with more than three thousand mentions a day, with which users named her “the queen of Twitter”, a title that she carries with great pleasure.

“Yes, the public is the one who has appointed me, it is a real treat for me, just to tell them that I will never disappoint them and I love them deeply. Each of my tweets are with the heart and soul for everyone, it is an honor to tell you about my life, “says who also published that she was the first Miss World Mexico in 1963, but she was disqualified for being a minor. He was 17 years old, just the age at which the rank of his thousands of followers begins, users between 17 and 30 years old.

For this reason, he reaffirmed his belief that there is no age to use social networks, and on the contrary, they have become a fundamental tool for an actor to stay in touch with the world.

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“Today technology has advanced a lot, it is incredible. When entering this world you have to be sure that there will be comments of all kinds, but you just have to put aside the negatives and focus on the positives ”, he concluded.

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