Ana María Alvarado, her children become a trend because of how handsome they are | Instagram

The entertainment journalist Ana María Alvarado is in trend because her children are two gallants who steal sighs in social networks.

Alvarado is the mother of two vadores, Rodrigo and Alejando Ayssautier AlvaradoBoth have captivated several netizens thanks to their exercise routines.

At first glance we observe two young very happy and above all flirtatious, but from the moment they take off their shirt, the hearts around the Internet users will surely start to come out.

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From what can be seen in Rodrigo’s publications (he is 21 years old) it is more than obvious that he loves to exercise, you can see the gym results both in videos and photographs.

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And it is not just a matter of exercising there are other factors that help a lot to have a dream figure, one feeding Very important because if we do not eat properly, the hours of exercise may not have the result we want.

Another important point to highlight is the generic, Ana Maria She is a very pretty woman and is also the possessor of an enviable figure.

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Apparently Alejandro is a little more shy than his brotherEven the entertainment journalist shares more photographs of Rodrígo than of Alex.

Ana María Alvarado, recently shared the news of the sad situation she is going through, since in addition to learning several months ago that she had a head tumor now he also presents epilepsy pictures.

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Fortunately the tumor is benign And thanks to the appropriate medication, you will stop having epilepsy episodes, this because it is not necessary to remove the tumor as it does not put your life at risk.

I do have a tumor, fortunately a benign tumor on the right side, since I thought it was going to be malignant and that they were going to operate on me, ”Ana María said.

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