Ana Francis Mor talks about how the dynamics of cabaret changed with the pandemic – El Sol de México

Ana Francis Mor and the rest of the Cool Queens (Marisol Gasé, Nora Huerta and Cecilia Sotres) are experts in doing theater. For more than two decades they have dedicated themselves to making cabaret lovers who come to the Teatro El Vicio laugh and think.

But the pandemic took them by surprise, like all theaters in the world, and forced them to venture into an audiovisual format that, although it was known to them, this time had to improve to adapt to the new form of theater. by streaming.

“The themes are still in the cabaret, there is political and social criticism, but from the digital platforms we have combined new elements. We have always been very close friends with video art, almost in any of our shows there is video, but in this circumstance with technological advances, we had to learn in two kicks what to do, our audiovisual production improved a lot “, says the actress and director in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

Once they got used to online presentations, they found that in addition to bringing their work to everyone, this modality had the advantage of bringing them closer to the public in a way they had never shared before.

“We do something very nice at the end of the show, we ask people to turn on their cameras for a little while, the after party gets really nice,” he says. “We go into people’s houses, we see how their chairs are, how their paintings are. Suddenly there are a lot of audiences from other places, there have been functions in which almost half of the audience is not from Mexico City, but is in other parts of the world, and that is amazing ”.

Now Ana joins the Teatrix platform, where she will present the staging The Gospel according to Santa Rita, a show that she has presented for five years, in which she gives a new version of divine teachings, and reflects with humor about the family, the divorce and life in general.

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The writer also stressed that it is time for the theater to make peace forever with this format, since it is a way of fulfilling its objective of congregating through art, even if the circumstances, whether health or economic, do not allow perform on a live stage.

“This hybrid format of healthy distance, going out with masks, and shows that are basically monologues or dialogues with no more than two characters, will be the reality for many years. Because with everything and vaccination, having to get vaccinated again next year, so that the virus leaves the world, still hangs on him ”.

Ana announced that this April 17 they plan to reopen the Teatro El Vicio, and resume the season of their show Know the ball with Fernanda Tapia, and they hope that The Gospel According to Santa Rita will remain in the Teatrix catalog.