Ana de Armas meets the children of Ben Affleck for the first time | Instagram Special

The actress Ana de Armas is caught by paparazzi with his partner, the actor Ben Affleck in a beautiful family reunion together with the children of Ben Affleck. The sons of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went for a walk with the dogs, this being the first time they formally meet the girlfriend of Ben Affleck.

Ana de Armas was finally able to meet the three children of Ben Affleck: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. The couple was captured when they all went for a walk with masks and taking distance between them as they entered the actor’s residence Ben Affleck. Being this one of the first big steps of this couple with just a little more than three months of relationship.

However, his ex-wife, the actress Jennifer Garner He had refused, because he considered that they had been dating the actress for a very short time Ana de Armas and did not consider it prudent. However, after a couple of months we have finally seen that the couple is still stable and finally they have been able to live together as a family.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck happier than ever

There is no doubt that the famous celebrity couple have advanced in their relationship by leaps and bounds. Since they’ve been dating for a very short time, the actor Ben Affleck she had expressed her wishes to introduce her new partner to her children. Although they have not shown many photos together on their social networks, the couple is caught on their walks with the pets very happy.

One of the couple’s most recent appearances officially and publicly It is when they appeared in Resident’s music video “Before the world ends” where they kissed passionately during the birthday party of Ana de Armas who boasted very happy on her Instagram account.

It should be remembered that the couple met on the recordings of Deep Water where Ben Affleck was impressed by the talent of actress Ana de Armas. Despite the actor’s dark past Ben Affleck with alcohol problems, which were the main problem of his divorce with Jennifer Garner. Ben Affleck he is happy, recovered and doing good projects in the cinema.

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