Ana Claudia Talancón tells when a fan hit her for a character – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Although Ana Claudia Talancón is one of the spoiled actresses of Mexicans, she has come to be attacked for the roles she plays.

In an interview with Omar chaparro in your program ‘Tu-Night’, Ana Claudia spoke of a bad experience she had while she was filming the telenovela ‘Vale todo’, an originally Brazilian melodrama, although the attack occurred in Los Angeles California.

I came with a little money that I had for my dress, I stepped aside a little in an alley, and a woman approached me with a cart; I was recording a telenovela in Brazil where I was called María de Fátima; and suddenly she said to me: ‘How do you think you can talk to your mother like that and get away with it!’ She throws her punch at me and starts scratching me all over the place, the police arrived and grabbed her, ”Ana Claudia said.

But that is not the only time that Ana Claudia had to face the audience hostility for professional reasons, as he also commented how his participation in ‘The crime of Father Amaro’ undermined his relationship with his family.

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It was quite a roll with my family, many people in my family did not even want to go see it, and later they realized that I am an actress.

Let us remember that on that occasion Ana Claudia caused uproar in the catholic church for wearing the mantle of the Virgin of Guadalupe in an adult scene.

The attacks are unacceptable and the fanaticism goes a long way, but it also speaks a lot about her great work as an actress and what she manages to convey in her characters. Here you can see part of the interview

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