Ana Cheri’s blue swimsuit is the smallest in her closet!

Ana Cheri's blue swimsuit is the smallest in her closet! (Instagram)

Ana Cheri’s blue swimsuit is the smallest in her closet! | Instagram

One of the beautiful celebrities of social networks model Ana Cheri showed her charms again in a video while wearing a tiny SwimwearSurely his fans were more than delighted.

Through this video that Ana Cheri shared a few weeks ago was very flirtatious, although in reality this is already something common in the beautiful model with brown hair and brown eyes, the admirers of the beautiful businesswoman are fascinated by opening her Instagram account and finding this kind of posts that fills their pupils with joy and makes their hearts race.

This publication was made on August 20, 2020, it appears outside his house or what we believe is his house, because to date we continue in a pandemic and surely Ana Cheri like her husband Ben moreland They have been taking good care of themselves.

At video It can be seen that he is preparing for an intense photo session or simply to enjoy the pool, but before doing so he had to take some photos and videos to pamper his fans either on Instagram where said video appears or his page of OnlyFans.

The two-piece swimsuit that the beautiful model is wearing is in two colors, white and blue, although white predominates a little more, the blue color stands out a lot, it seems to have a design in the style of marble, the striking thing about the image is that in her upper charms the piece she wears is quite tiny so they stand out a lot.

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As for the lower piece, you can only see the side strips that go up her hips and are right at her waist, around her she wears an orange sarong, it is a translucent fabric that women usually use to be on the beach managing to have a pretty flirtatious look with him, especially since this is always transparent, it can be long or, as in the case of Ana Cheri, short.


In the video of the flirtatious model and businesswoman we find sliding doors behind her, it seems that she is in the garden due to the furniture that she has around, which surely connects with the pool.

In the audio of the video of Ana Cheri you can hear the song by the British singer, former member of the One Direction group Harry Styles, entitled Watermelon Sugar, a melody of the pop genre released in 2019, on YouTube you can find the official video.

Ana Cheri wrote in her “shameless” post that she wanted her abs to return, so she had to increase the intensity of her training, she asked her fans to tag a friend for much more motivation.

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It is likely that the American model was guided by the comments of her fans to continue training hard as she always has.

Obviously, several of the responses from her fans were not exactly what the model requested, but rather they dedicated themselves to writing her compliments, some of them were a bit intense, but so far Ana Cheri has not chosen to block her comment box as other celebrities have done at the time.

It seems that he really likes to read what everyone writes in his publications, that although this is not one of the most recent, it will surely again attract the attention of his fans, as he has done on past occasions with his content that by the way so far it has reached 1,243 publications.