Ana Cheri shows her charms in a green lace bodysuit

Ana Cheri shows her charms in a green lace bodysuit (Instagram)

Ana Cheri shows her charms in a green lace bodysuit | Instagram

The well-known model and celebrity of social networks Ana Cheri shared a photo on her official Instagram account where she appears wearing her figure while wearing a green lace bodysuit.

The pretty model The 34-year-old continuously draws the attention of his fans thanks to the content he shares in said application where he has more than 12 million 600 thousand followers, which continue to increase over the weeks.

Undoubtedly Ana Cheri She has become one of the favorite models of Internet users, thanks to her constant publications where she lets out her charms and tremendous curves, as happened on June 14, 2020, she uploaded a photo in which she appears sitting in a armchair while wearing this flirty piece of clothing.

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With her legs slightly open and her hands between her parts, it is likely that she has left more than one of her fans with their mouths open, because in addition to being a lace bodysuit, this one also has some parts with transparencies and the occasional strip that It still gives it a daring air that captivates the gaze of its fans or anyone else looking at the snapshot.


In the upper part we can see lace on the edges of its enormous charms, although it seems that they are two pieces that are cut, the body could have several parts, if you are an observer the small strips that we are seeing seem to be using the bondage technique, where by means of rope ties your partner can give you pleasure.

With more than 225 thousand red hearts, the beautiful Ana Cheri made more than 1800 comments, among which the compliments for her beauty stand out, despite the fact that the Photography That they took him is something simple, the truth is that he manages to show off his figure a lot, especially his charms, because by bringing his arms a little together causes them to stand out a little.

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In the description of the image he was inviting his followers to subscribe to his OnlyFans page, although he did not write the full name, he only refers to said page as “OF”, however it is easy to identify the reference.

In addition to being an American model, Ana Cheri recently shared some stories on Instagram where she was speaking Spanish, which although she did not do it perfectly, she defends herself quite well.