Ana Cheri looks the best “peach” lying down from the beach

Ana Cheri looks the best “peach” lying down from the beach | Instagram

Show off your charms for the moddel Ana Cheri is not a problem, she even seems to do it with pleasure, for that reason when showing off tremendous “peach” several fans were delighted.

On several occasions we have seen her figure wearing tight leggings of her own brand Cheri fitThey are all extremely tight, so it seems that they are the second skin of the celebrity.

However there is no way to see your exquisite figure with her skin exposed just as she did, especially using a strap that is lost among her voluptuous and perfect posterior charms.

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Posing while reclining from the Beach The beautiful Instagram celebrity, was on her back with one leg bent, revealing the best of her figure.


8 hours ago I gave this flirty photo to their fans, without a doubt more than one could consider it the best that he has published to this day, it just looks more than perfect.

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There is a second Photo, but this is like a joke since it is a comparison of “expectation vs reality”, in the second it is completely covered in a wave, for some Internet users this seemed something funny, especially because Ana Cheri they don’t usually do it often.

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