Ana Cheri celebrates her own sales in a flirtatious outfit!

Ana Cheri celebrates her own sales in a flirtatious outfit! | Instagram

For Ana Cheri it has been quite exciting to know that her line of Cheri fit has become Photo a success, so he celebrated it with a flirty photograph of one of his outfits.

An hour ago he gave us this tender and adorable image, in it he is posing while wearing one of the new sports sets which he launched a few days ago, which he claims was the first to be sold out.

With a quite cheerful message, the flirtatious celebrity and businesswoman mentioned that she is grateful for the support she has received from her fans and clients, to purchase her clothes.

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To exercise and be able to look beautiful the way you do Ana Cheri the sports kits that you have been launching for a few months in the solution.


Businesswoman and model she shows off her enormous charms with this top, which when wearing it manages to highlight them quite a bit, as well as some shorts that fit so you have the option of wearing them a little shorter if you wish.

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Delighted to see the ladies wearing their outfits, surely Ana Cheri feels more than complete with the news that they sold out almost as soon as they were released, as a result she published this flirty photo where she once again boasts her exquisite figure.

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