Ana Blanco apologizes for what has been heard while talking about pardons on TVE

Ana Blanco on the TVE newscast this Wednesday. (Photo: TELEDIARIO TVE)

The news is so busy in Spain that it is impossible not to make mistakes. This Wednesday, in the TVE newscast presented by Ana Blanco, there has been one of those uncomfortable moments that are going to make people talk on social networks.

The newscast has started as usual, giving the headlines of the day. The first thing that the spectators have seen is a group of people cheering on the Spanish National Team on the occasion of the Eurocopa match this Wednesday in which Luis Enrique’s team qualifies.

Shortly after, another of the topics of the day: the release from prison of the imprisoned Catalan politicians after the Government approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers the pardon.

The funny thing is that the sound of those who encouraged Spain has crept in while on screen the spectators saw the images of joy of the politicians imprisoned at the exit of the Lledoners prison.

That sound of “long live Spain, what is it” has crept in for several seconds on the air. The presenter Ana Blanco has realized what was happening and her face has been a poem. Of course, the journalist has endured looking forward until they have finally put the sound that has been captured in Lledoners.

“The 9 prisoners of the procés are already at liberty …”, he has already said after the bad time. At the end of the newscast, Ana Blanco has apologized for emitting a sound that did not correspond to the images.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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