In sexy sportswear, the grupera queen showed off her exercise routine from home and with the best company

Ana Barbara He shared a video that showed how important it is to stay fit and spend time with the family.

What is most difficult to deal with at this time and really in general in this world is balance. I share this ESSENTIAL part in which I learned that it helped me in my physical and mental balance! Sport in small doses and doing it as a family keeps our lives in balance!“This was the text that he used to describe the video in which he is seen doing aerobic movements, while his two youngest children perform other physical activities.

The video in which the singer is seen wearing tight sports leggings accompanied by Jose Maria Y Jerome, It was shared through his official Instagram profile, where he showed his followers the fun time when he performs his exercise routine to stay in shape.

Currently grupera queen, as she is also known, has nearly 2 million followers on her Instagram profile and the clip has been played in just one hour more than 50 thousand times.

As is customary in each of the publications, Ana Barbara He received hundreds of compliments from his fans in the comments section.

A few days ago, the singer shared a video in which she was seen with her son Jose Maria, who got the attention of the fans, because he showed that dancing is not exactly one of his best skills.