Ana Bárbara shares sad news, the virus snatched a loved one | Instagram

Singer Ana Bárbara is one of the people who loses loved ones due to the global pandemic of coronavirus.

The talented singer Ana Barbara He addressed his fans after sharing a very sad news in which he revealed he lost a family because of the virus.

The artist, who has tried to stay strong and resigned, shared the sad news with a message that invites the public to reflect not to lower their guard and continue taking care of themselves.

The singer reiterated that despite the most difficult He does his best to maintain a good attitude and give his best face to life.

They already know me and they know that, despite the regrets, I will always try to find the best face in life, the best angle, although sometimes it costs a lot of work, ”said the singer at the beginning of a series of videos that she shared through their Instagram Stories

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At one point, the artist addressed the issue of covid-19 and how it can attack people who seem to be healthy.

I want to tell you that at this moment the situation of this well-known topic and new reality of everyone of the coronavirus has taken new victims and well, the situation is that if you really have a very strong immune system or do not have other diseases, you can get rid of it « ,

The interpreter of « Bandit« He shared that a very close uncle had come on the road after being infected by the deadly virus.

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The singer He pointed out that he had hardly even found out since he was the husband of his mother’s first cousin, who lived in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico,

Unfortunately today, and I am very sorry, an hour ago I found out about an uncle who is the husband of a cousin of my mother, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, lost the battle against the coronavirus, ”the interpreter revealed.

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Without revealing more details, the fsmosa sent a message of support and solidarity to theirs, « Deep hug to the family », she expressed sincerely.

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After this, he pointed out the importance of not relaxing security measures to avoid infectionsHe also pointed out that on many occasions people can feel tired of using the face mask and other measurementsHowever, these should not be abandoned for the safety of us and the people who are with us.

The truth is that the number of victims that is charging all this is unfortunate, and in that sense I wanted to tell you that it is very important that we do not trust ourselves, that is, suddenly it has happened to me that I say: ‘Well, I’m going to take off the mask, I’m tired, I’m fed up ‘, let’s not do it, and if we can be in the house most of the time, and if we have to leave, well, come back and take care of everything, « asked the singer.

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He also revealed that his lockdown It has brought him all kinds of experiences and he has enjoyed with his children and his partner, Ángel Muñoz, very funny moments, many of which have been immortalized on social networks.

He has taken advantage of every moment with his family, « he said.