Ana Bárbara revealed in distress on Instagram which of her children is infected | Instagram

Singer Ana Barbara recently revealed that Paula Levy, daughter of Jose María, el « Pirru » and Mariana Levy, whom he considers one of his daughters, is in confinement after contracting the dreaded virus.

It was through her Instagram stories that the singer grupera Ana Barbara confirmed that his stepdaughter She is infected, news she found out after communicating with her through a video call.

Also, the so-called « lady of good speech », Talina fernandezmother of the deceased, Mariana levy He would have shared that one of his granddaughters had tested positive for Covid-19, although at that time he did not reveal if it was María or Paula.

Recently, the interpreter of « Bandit« He revealed it as well as reiterated that his stepdaughter to whom he has expressed love is in good health.

After endless comments where they have asked about the health of the young woman whom she considers a daughter, the singer shared a screenshot of one of her video calls that was accompanied by a message in which she reports that the young woman is in frank Recovery after fans were concerned about his health.

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It should be remembered that Ana Barbara became the stepmother of the two sons of Mariana and the « Pirru » after his sudden departure after suffering a heart attack.

However, for Ana Paula and José Emilio Ana Barbara She was the mother they missed due to the tragic loss of Talina Fernández’s daughter, and despite her divorce years later with Levy’s widower, Paula and José Emilio profess great affection for the singer.

Thanks to those who ask me about the health of my daughter @Paulalevy. He is getting better and better and soon we will all be together as a family ”, wrote Ana Bárbara

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On the other hand, the singer also revealed in her stories that she is spending a few days in Mexico visiting her parents in Río Verde, San Luis Potosí, to where she traveled alone since her children, Jerónimo, José María and Emiliano, stayed in Los Angeles in confinement

The artist pointed out that she originally intended to reunite with her two children Paula and EmilianoHowever, due to the young woman’s medical condition, the meeting will have to wait, as indicated in her message.

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In an interview last May the artist shared how much he missed seeing his children

I miss Paula, I miss Emilio a lot, and when I am with my children from here I miss those from there, so they have been one of the things that have also caused me that conflict, you see how we see each other very often with my children from Mexico and right now I can’t see them, ”he confessed at that time.

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Also, the driver Talina fernandez She detailed in a past interview that her granddaughter Paula, who moved to live with her at one point, let her know that she felt bad, a fact that alarmed her since at that time she was at the home of the boyfriend and he said

I’m going there, I told him, no, my life please take the Covid test, and it tested positive. Gentlemen, ladies, don’t let your teenagers do their bidding, check them out, be on top of them. I, unfortunately right now I’m living this, my girl feels better, but frankly they are exposed very foolishly. Talina pointed out.

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In the same way, he reiterated that he has had to precautions being part of the vulnerable group in this pandemic.

I can’t, because if I get Covid, I packed up for Bethlehem, my love, because I’m a little older, « he commented in a part of his speech.