One element that we cannot lose sight of is how brands have dedicated themselves to betting on health developments, with which they have sought to innovate in the market.

An element of great help today is innovation applied to brands.

The cOVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to bet on innovation in the way they collaborate with consumers, to help them deal with this pathogen that has caused serious damage in the market.

Innovating has become the response with which brands take advantage of the context in which we live, to develop all kinds of innovations based on this. Among the many proposals that have been implemented, we have discovered the functionality of common devices in activities of great importance in the market, especially in health activities.

Faced with this reality, one point is very important to observe and it is the one that has to do with the way in which brands establish commercial guidelines, to meet new demands.

Let’s think about absolutely all technology companies, all of them have a smartphone sales and development unit, which so far has become the best proposal they have, to be able to innovate in light of the consumer’s clear need for mobility.

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From this habit that has already become normalized, smartphones have become the starting point for all kinds of innovations that, in the case of Apple, has given it the opportunity to create a whole brand ecosystem, with which it has sought remain relevant in the taste of consumers, because it has apparently known how to adapt each of these devices to the needs of consumers.

Apple Event’s response to COVID-19

Much has been said about what we will see in the new Apple Watch that will be presented at noon (CDMX time) at the Apple Event, however, an element that is to be highlighted is the functionality that the new Apple device will have.

In the long-awaited presentation of the Apple Watch 6, health and fitness are two elements that Apple will focus on and evolve from the simple heart monitoring function that it has had all this time.

In the new presentation, it seems that we will discover a smart watch capable of measuring oxygen saturation in the body, with which the Apple Event would respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, which we are going through.

According to rumors from specialized media, the new Apple Watch 6 would have an oxygen pulse sensor, with which the amount of oxygen in the user’s body would be measured, an essential functionality at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic It has become a health challenge for the world and an opportunity for brands like Apple, which have specialized in this activity more and more, through their wearables.

The presentation of the new Apple is a unique moment for the brand and a promotional opportunity, which as we have reported in previous notes, other brands have sought to profit, although they have done it wrong, because the trend of the Apple Event has been overwhelming in social networks .

Faced with this situation, an element that we cannot lose sight of is how brands have taken on the task of betting on strategies that help them to consolidate in the market.

There is no doubt that the storytelling of Apple events has been the standard with which this brand has managed to differentiate itself from the competition and not only that, it has been the opportunity it has found in the market, thanks to the bets they achieve in consumption, the technological brands that imitate the strategy of this endearing firm.