First they were of mystery. Terror soon made its way like star themed. But far from staying there, science fiction-themed escape rooms soon emerged. settings for movies or TV series. A curious phenomenon in which you pay to be locked in a cabin that you will have to search before the time runs out and find like this the key or exit card following the clues and your intuition.

Escape rooms have proliferated around the world and every now and then a new escape room opens. What’s more, in Google you can check those that are close from your house and see their opening hours and the scores given by those who have visited them. There are even escape room finders like Escape Room Lover that you can filter by city, difficulty, number of players or theme.

Discussing the why of escape room success is not the purpose of this article. All in all, the phenomenon perhaps resembles the same conditions that make us like horror movies or ride a roller coaster. Go through fear or tension but knowing that it’s all under control, that sooner or later someone will open the door and let us out of there.

But in a context where everything is online, mobile apps serve everything and classic activities such as board games seem like a thing of the past, what happens when you can’t go to an escape room? Or let’s be clear, what happens if you are at home without being able to go out for various reasons and you feel like live an escape room experience from the screen from your computer, smartphone, tablet or television?

The best of two worlds

I must admit that I am not fond of escape rooms. I like crime fiction and suspense, crime and investigation, but when they tell me about escape rooms and what they consist of, the games I played in the past at Cluedo or the graphic adventure type video games in which Lucas Arts was king for years. And the most veteran will remember conversational adventures like Mystery House or Colossal Cave.

Hence, I am not surprised that something like escape rooms have made the leap to the internet, a most natural decision if we stick to the possibilities offered by technology in terms of consumption of audiovisual content or virtual reality.

On the way between the conversational adventure of the 70s and 80s of the last century with more current elements such as YouTube videos, the scape rooms have decided to reach you, even if you cannot leave home, through the internet.

The result is closer to Atmosfear marathons but without having to rewind the VHS tape or skip the chapter on the DVD on duty. An experience that combines artisanal with audiovisual and that will make you enjoy a good time of mystery and home entertainment while you can’t visit a physical escape room.

Here are several examples of virtual or online escape rooms for you to visit from your web browser during these days of confinement.

Hygienic Apocalypse

Two escape rooms have joined forces to create their own virtual escape room. In his own words, “from The Paradox Room Y Exit Room Escape we give you a solution. A virtual escape game so you can solve in your own home alone or with whoever you are isolated from. ”

His name is Hygienic Apocalypse, in a nod to the curious phenomenon that occurred in the early days of the pandemic and that ran out of toilet paper stocks in supermarkets and department stores. According to the synopsis, you live in 2043 and toilet paper is currency. Your goal is to pretend to be a descendant of the recently deceased African Prince Jones Dimka and thus inherit his fortune, a toilet paper pallet.

Hygienic Apocalypse It is played from your computer with an internet connection, or so its authors recommend. “On the mobile you could not see most of the content and not everything is on the web.”

Escape Room Digital

More than an online escape room, Escape Room Digital It is a virtual room from which to play various adventures from home through the internet.

There are currently two escape rooms, The Hacker’s Blackmail and Mission Exodus. The first is designed for between two and five people. The second, for one to three players. If you prefer to play alone, you can try the interactive adventure The Invisible Reflection.

As its creators indicate, “Every escape has an introductory story.
The operation is simple, each page has a code (numbers or letters) that you will have to discover to access the next page and be able to advance in the story. You can freely use the internet and / or any tool to search for information about said code ”.

Escape Room Stellar

Designed for groups of up to 6 people and using a conference call or group video call, as you prefer to call it, Escape Room Stellar is a paid game. At the moment, it has two versions and a third is on the way.

The estimated time is 50 minutes in the first game and 70 minutes in the second. Escape Room Stellar It is an escape room set in space, where you have lost yourself. To find your way back, you must decipher the coordinates, which have been encrypted.

Hour 26

From Barcelona we get the escape room online Hour 26, a proposal that, according to its creators, is “designed for groups of 1 to 3 people. Duration is not a determining factor. There will be teams that will solve it in 45 minutes and others will need 1h30m ”.

To play you only need a PC or Mac with an internet connection. You must download a compressed and ZIP program and play. It is also recommended to have a pencil and paper on hand to take notes.

From a YouTube video and a PDF guide, you must help Doctor Arribia fix his time machine to return to his future. Needless to say, Hour 26 is free.

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

If you understand English and you like Harry Potter, try playing the escape room online Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, a curious adventure created with Google Forms and that you can play for free online.

You can play alone or in teams and play as many times as you want. Through the explanations and images you will follow a story and solve the riddles choosing the correct option.

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room It was created by a Pennsylvania librarian fond of the Harry Potter universe.

The virus cure

The virtual escape room The virus cure has been created by Escape Hunters, two fans of escape rooms with more than 260 escapes on their CV.

On this occasion, to play you will need two devices (computer, smartphone, tablet …). Each player must look at a single screen, so it follows that to play they are necessary two people minimum. One will be the Spanish researcher and the other the Chinese researcher. Each will click on one of the links on the page.

The objective of the game is find a cure for the virus that has caused the pandemic that we are all suffering from.

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