An NBA crushing at your home: this is the #DriveByDunkChallenge

The Internet is a terrain made for challenges. Either for ‘The ground is lava’, or for the Mannequin Challenge. Their clearest common denominator is that they are absurd, and the one that we will tell you below will surely also be, but at least it has the addition that it can make it possible for an NBA to appear in your home. Even if it’s to posterize you by making a mate on your face.

The #DriveByDunkChallenge is a challenge started a few days ago that consists of going with the car in search of a house with a basket of those so typical that you see in the United States (yes, in Spain it would be a little more difficult). Once the basket is found, it is very simple, you get off, and make a mate -if you can- with all your strength to the astonishment of the neighbors.

The original challenge was started five days ago by a Los Angeles boy nicknamed T. Currie in networks, who had a great impact, soon after creating a hashtag where his gesture was replicated.

But things have gotten worse when NBA players have started to join. Here you can see for example Anthony Davis, the star of the Pelicans, mercilessly pounding in the first basket he finds.

And watch out for Jaylen Brown, the second-year Celtics player does not think about it and even posterizes one of the kids who were playing basketball.