Rumors and leaks indicate that iOS 14 is going to have major changes on the home screen. Thanks to this, a Twitter user named (via .) has created your own iOS 14 concept, which revolves around widgets. It is most striking, especially for the clear inspiration in watchOS.

A “SpringKit” to develop widgets on the iPhone home screen

Concepts are a way of looking at the possibilities of future products, even if they do not materialize. Ortalani starts from a new imagined development framework. He imagines three types of apps that are displayed differently on the iPhone home page. The first is the usual one we have now, the second displays a “live” icon with additional data or buttons and the third is a complete widget.

For this, this concept shows the three possibilities with several examples. In the created model we see a Weather widget, which shows the Fahrenheit temperature in New York, as well as a sunny day. That is to say, temperature, time and location on a tile that occupies two spaces.

There is another double tile that Ortalani imagines as that of the Chamber. A live icon that allows you to take a snapshot without opening the app. And finally, the Activity app tells us the state of our rings, calories consumed, minutes of exercise and the Standing data would be missing.

In the concept, the user can choose what type of icon to display on their iPhone. By pressing and holding the icon on the screen, the menu would be displayed currently available, but with the additional options: normal icon, “live” icon and widget.

A concept reminiscent of the complications of watchOS

In horology, a complication is a function other than the simple time or date that provides additional information. In mechanical or automatic watchesChronometers, perpetual calendars, moon phase and tourbillions are included. Of course, these complications also add distinction to the watch.

From the beginning, complications have been a fundamental element of the Apple Watch. With the passing of generations of hardware and software, the apple watch has grown in sophistication. The spheres Modular and Compact Modular Infographic They have several of these widgets that provide a large amount of information to the user.

The concept we just saw is very reminiscent of the complications of the Apple Watch. Widgets have long existed on desktop operating systems. Even on mobiles, since they are one of the hallmarks of Android. Last year, iPadOS introduced them as an optional feature on your home screen.

But this is totally different from how they are found on iPadOS. Apple often moves and adapts functions that are successful on one platform to another. The leaks indicate that iOS 14 will include a new type of widgets, different from those that exist today. Although it is a function that Apple could finally rule out, what is certain is that they will apply everything learned in the rest of the operating systems.

         An iOS 14 concept expands the idea of ​​’widgets’ on the iPhone home screen