An intruder managed to sneak into Niall Horan’s house

Niall Horan when he was part of One Direction.

Photo: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

Last July an unknown person was discovered in the apartment that Niall Horan has in South London for his personal assistant, who managed to buy time by giving him conversation while he waited for the arrival of the police.

What is most surprising about this story is the relative ease with which the intruder made his way to the home of the young artist without being stopped by anyone. It is believed that he simply followed another resident through the front door from the street and then entered – it is not clear how – the apartment next to the one of the former One Direction component. From there, he just went out onto the balcony and jumped over the wall that separated him from Niall’s, which apparently had not closed the glass doors that give access to the interior of the house.

“He was not at home at the time, but one of his assistants was and saw the man walk across the floor to the outside lobby,” a source explained to the Daily Mail. on freedom”.

However, that was not the only visit from the intruder, who came back the next day and he was arrested because by then his photograph had circulated among the security personnel working in the building: “They noticed his presence through the cameras and quickly detained him,” added the same informant.