An intruder broke into the security of Ben Affleck’s home in Los Angeles

Now that things seem to be going much better for Ben Affleck, his safety is put at risk with an unexpected visitor.

The $ 20 million home that Ben Affleck lives in in the Pacific Palisades was invaded by an intruder, caught by photographers climbing the front door.

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The intruder wore a black balaclava with the legend “security” embroidered on the front, as well as a jacket similar to that of the police when he jumped over the fence of the house.

Later, he left by bicycle without anyone approaching him. The photographers who saw him were waiting to meet Ben now that it is rumored that has returned to be Jennifer’s partner Lopez, but in return, they came across this scene.

Once the royal officers arrived in the area, the filling out of an investigation report began, but no further action was taken as the suspect was no longer at home and it was not known exactly who he was.

As the corresponding reviews were carried out, it was monitored that there was no one outside the property that Ben bought in 2018 when he divorced Jennifer Garner, since as part of their agreement, they would live together to continue seeing their children.

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When Ben Affleck arrived at his home, he contacted the officers, who told him what had happened and asked him some questions to go over to check his home and verify that everything was in order.

Once all the appropriate checks had been made and any additional intruders were ruled out in the house, Ben entered his home. Perhaps from now on, consider increasing security measures.

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