If you grew up listening to alternative hip hop being played in the UK in the late 1990s and early 1900s, you are sure to remember very well The Streets, the project of Mike Skinner that completely revolutionized the music industry. Over the years, Mike has brought us real gems that have become classics like Original Pirate Material, A Grand Don’t Come for Free or Everything Is Borrowed.

From an early age, Mike Skinner became interested in music and learned to play instruments self-taught. Later he entered the world of the UK Garage and the sound of his project began to mutate. However, despite having matured as a musician and as a person, he continues along the same line, composing bases to put rhymes completely sincere and full of wit.

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The moment Mike Skinner ‘went out’

Over the years, he gained a lot of fans and critical recognition, although he has been nominated several times for the Mercury Prize but has never won it (bad luck Mike 😢) However, with the release of his last studio album Computers and Blues and after almost a decade playing everywhere, Skinner decided that The Streets would end.

According to Mike Skinner, in those began to feel exhausted and could not find inspiration to continue with the project. Since then, he dedicated himself to giving DJ sets and was hanging around nightclubs, where He tried to reconnect in some way with what he loves the most, create songs: “It was reality, I didn’t understand the music when The Streets ended. If all you do is create music, your life is reflected in it. ”


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Mike Skinner’s return through the front door

After almost a decade in silence, Mike decided to launch None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Live Alive that although it could be considered an album, in reality the creative mind of The Streets sold it to the world and also as a mixtape. This material has the participation of many interesting artists, such as tame Impala, IDLES, Miss banks, Dapz On The Map and more.

“I tried not to get too complicated, the world is changing. All I had to do was a song from The Streets in 2020, ”says Skinner. And yes, she is a bit right, but the important thing about her return after almost so many years – apart from getting excited – is that just as she did with her debut album,. this mixtape opens a space for new talents in the UK, as a platform for reaching thousands of people.

See on YouTube Launch a disc in the middle of a pandemic

And speaking about the theme of this new ‘album’, Mike Skinner worked it during the entire quarantine and the lyrics are precisely the reflection of everything that we are experiencing in the world, referring to social movements as Black Lives Matter and even such everyday phenomena these days as simply not answering a WhatsApp message and spending time in apps, jiar jiar.

Another obstacle that he encountered at the moment –in addition to having COVID-19–, was create videos to promote these songs. Fortunately he knew how to fix them and how a true teacher recorded with his smartphone the scenes for a video clip, and he edited them himself from his computer. So that they see that interesting things can be put together despite everything we are experiencing.

Mike Skinner at a show in Germany in 2019 / Photo: .

The concerts after the coronavirus

Mike Skinner will be one of the first musicians to give concerts in the UK, inside a drive-in theater. About this kind of shows, the musician mentioned that it is an opportunity to perform again in front of a lot of people, but that it is also rare because He likes to have someone to talk to on stage and that his performances will most likely be comedy.Do you think it’s going well?

And he not only talked to us about music, he also told us that He does not love soccer but he is still faithful to Birmingham City, city where he is from because, like any fan of this sport, once you go to a team you always support the same. In addition, he made it very clear to us that Aston Villa fans don’t like himSo, water if they bring a shirt of this e at their concerts.

If you want to listen the talk with Mike Skinner from The Streets, here we leave you the full audio of the interview in #SopitasXAireLibre: