Colby covington He has not finalized a fight for TKO since 2016.

In fact, the former welterweight champion of the UFC He only has two TKO victories on his resume, and according to his head coach in MMA Masters, Cesar CarneiroIt is because he is not a left-handed fighter, a position in which he competed throughout his career.

“He is not left-handed, and we realized that,” the decorated coach told the Brazilian portal AG Fight. “He is right-handed, and in wrestling he places his front leg to take down. In training we realized that he never felt comfortable as a left-handed man, that’s why he didn’t knock anyone out. But now he changed and everyone will realize. Before she connected a rectum and lowered her hand, that’s why she received ».

While Carneiro claims that Covington will not only hit harder but absorb less damage, the other head coach of the fighter, Daniel Valverde, also spoke of its evolution at canvas level.

«He has very good wrestling, but he couldn’t keep control on the ground. Now we are working a lot on that, on combining judo and wrestling. He changed those technique transitions on the ground. Before he did not control from below, but now when he achieves a knockdown he will maintain his position, “he warned.

Covington faces this Saturday in the stellar of the UFC Fight Night Las Vegas 11 to Tyron Woodley in one of the baddest crashes at 170 pounds, and according to Valverde, the former division champion runs the risk of being finished for the first time in his career.

Colby has a wonderful head. He is a born athlete. Now we had the opportunity to correct some of the mistakes he made. Woodley has never been finished or knocked out, but this time he will pass. He (Covington) is much more confident, “he concluded.