An illegal party is dismantled at dawn in a local in La Latina

For yet another weekend, Madrid has hosted different illegal parties in which the forces of order had to intervene to enforce the restriction measures in the face of the pandemic. This time the images taken during an intervention of the Municipal Police of Madrid have come to light in which the agents dismantled an illegal party, in the middle of the morning, in a place in the La Latina neighborhood.

The municipal authorities verified that the establishment was open at 1.45 am, on 24 Juanelo Street. The person in charge of the premises did not present the activity license, nor the compulsory insurance policy, as well as the different corresponding certificates. Twenty-one people who were at the clandestine party were also denounced for non-compliance with health and security measures.

On the other hand, this was not the only infraction detected in the district of La Latina this weekend. The agents carried out an inspection in another premises with 121 people inside, of which 60 were denounced for not wearing a mask, and found that dancing and tables with more than 4 people were allowed, among other infractions, for which the establishment was evicted and sealed.


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