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The Japanese motorcycle firm had devised a car in the past and now a designer reverses it by naming it Yamaha OX-2020.

In the early 90s Yamaha, a brand known for its manufacture of motorcycles, devised a prototype of a sports car. It was baptized OX99-11 and had elements used in Formula 1, since the manufacturer was a supplier in the category. Now this concept is reborn with the name Yamaha OX-2020.

The original that was released in 1992 offered a 3.5-liter V12 engine with 400 horsepower, associated with a six-speed manual gearbox. In addition, it had a tandem seating arrangement.

It never made it to production, so it was never seen in action. It is not known if he will now face another fate, however, the designer Gaspere Conicelli has unveiled what a adapted version to current times.

His lines are futuristic compared to the prototype from the early 90s. Thanks to the new design, it has better aerodynamics and smoother finishes. On the front it retains the aesthetics, although it replaces the old headlights with renewed LEDs.

By having a centrally placed engine, it has been used to widen the sides with wider air intakes.

While most of Yamaha’s creations have to do with two wheels and no information about a car, Conicelli has figured it out. For that he took as a reference the ideas of the past and thus the projection of the Yamaha OX-2020.

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