An iceberg 80 times bigger than Manhattan broke off in Antarctica

The world’s largest iceberg broke off the Roone ice shelf, northwest of Antarctica. An ice mass of 105 miles long by 15.5 miles long, somewhat larger than the surface of the Spanish island of Mallorca, according to satellite images taken by the Copernicus Mission.

The iceberg, which was named A-76, has a total area of 2,684 miles, compared to 2,261 in Mallorcanoted the European Space Agency (ESA) to give an idea of ​​the size of the ice chunk.

The mass is almost 80 times the size of Manhattan.

With those proportions, it is the largest iceberg in the world, a position that until now had A-23A, of about 3,880 square kilometers.

The great floating mass in the sea of Weddell was detected by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, made up of two polar-orbiting satellites that observe Antarctica, including its remote regions, throughout the year.

Icebergs are named after the Antarctic quadrant in which they are originally sighted, followed by a sequential letter. If the mass of ice later breaks, as it sometimes does, each piece adds a sequential letter to its name.

It is a scientific fact that global warming has accelerated the melting of ice at the poles of the Arctic and Antarctica

Global warming has been caused mainly by greenhouse gas emissions, it has affected many ecosystems.

The detachment of the iceberg is, according to scientists, evidence that the thaw is accelerating. There is evidence that the temperature in the ocean has increased, leading to a thinning of the ice cap.

Warming at the poles creates an imbalance in the global climate, as they regulate temperatures in the driest regions. Another damaging effect on human life is that the ocean level will gradually rise if they continue to warm.

The situation of melting of the glaciers that Antarctica is suffering, has been classified as irreversible.

If greenhouse gases continue to rise, the thaw will cause a rise in the global ocean of 0.3 to 14.5 inches, affecting life in coastal regions.

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