An expert reveals how long to wear a mask

Since the pandemic began, masks are part of people’s routine. But now, following the announcement last Monday that Pfizer’s vaccine is 90% effective, many experts try to answer the question about how long it will take to wear it.

There are opinions of all kinds, from those who say we’ll be back to normal in a short space from time to others who assure that it will take longer. One of the last to speak was Juan Jose Badiola, director of the Center for Encephalopathies and Emerging Communicable Diseases of the University of Zaragoza.

In an interview with the Liarla Pardo program on LaSexta, was asked whether it would be necessary to wear it in 2022. Faced with this question, the prestigious Spanish expert answered that I believed that “si vaccines really protect, which is what is expected to happen, I think it may be necessary to continue using it in certain circumstances, but not in such a general way as now “Badiola noted.

The controversy with Fernando Simón

According to the controversy surrounding Fernando Simón After requesting the General Council of Medical Associations for his dismissal, the expert acknowledged that a mistake was made at the beginning of the health crisis, which was “hold the same person responsible for the management and communication. That was the basic error, they have to be separated. Has been enduring this dual situation during all these months and it is very difficult to carry it out “.

He also indicated that this should make you rethink your continuity in the post: “When your own colleagues with the collegiate organization, which deserves deep respect, says it, he would have to think seriously about it. “