The furor series in the world today has as protagonists the Chicago Bulls from the 1990s and more precisely to Michael Jordan, since the star is the main protagonist of “The Last Dance”. Chapters 7 and 8 were broadcast on Sunday and here we summarize the best and worst of both episodes.

The darkest part is in Chapter 7 and the conspiracy theories, which link Jordan, gambling, and the macabre murder of his father in 1993, after his third ring. That fact and the pressure of the press led Jordan to retire a short time later to try his luck in baseball, but after a stint in the Minor Leagues, he returned to basketball shortly before the 1995 playoffs.

The best part, without a doubt, is the human part that Mike shows during the two episodes. From the pain of his father’s death, his time in baseball, the defeat against the Magic in 1995 and his strategies to stay motivated and always look for a little more, the truth is that Jordan’s mind seems from another planet, but in the documentary it is tried to show it as something more earthy.

Undoubtedly, these episodes have left several more moments for analysis, so Uproxx made a detailed analysis of them. The anxiety to see the last two episodes of the series is growing day by day and it will be necessary to wait until Sunday night for the United States (and a couple of hours later the rest of the world) to see the last two functions of the Last Dance.