Something is happening on the App Store. Several users are complaining on social media and in media comments like . about a bug preventing some apps from opening and displays an error related to application sharing restrictions between multiple iCloud accounts. As a consequence, the application cannot be used.

Specifically, the message that appears is the following: “This application is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must buy it from the App Store.” It is a warning that should appear if you are in an iCloud Family, with the administrator of the family group having deactivated the sharing of purchased applications on their devices. But now appears randomly and in any application.

As we have recently updated our iPhone and iPad to version 13.5 of their operating systems, many comment that this latest update may be an error that Apple needs to resolve. However, some commenters at the source caution that also occurs in instances of iOS 13.4 and iOS 13.3.

The only solution at the moment is to uninstall the application that causes this error and download it again. If it happens with several versions of iOS it can mean that it is a mistake of the Apple servers, and I do not doubt that from Cupertino they must already be looking for the solution to the problem.

         It’s not your fault: an error in the App Store is temporarily preventing the opening of some applications