An epidemiologist in Germany explains what happened in Spain with COVID-19

Spain is one of the countries that has suffered the most from the effects of COVID-19. Despite imposing stricter restrictions than many territories in our environment, infections and deaths from coronavirus have been constant, both in the first and second waves.

Eugenia Ramos, a Spanish epidemiologist who works at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, gave an interview last Sunday to the program Salvados de La Sexta to conduct a assessment of what happens in our country.

“I think there is many factors: that they live in a home many generations, the facts structural how is health or what there is no public health institute “, stated the expert.

No preparation

He also explained what happened in summer: “Although the data then have been better, it has not been long enough for the country will prepare for the second wave. It is not only the measures that are being taken now against this crisis, the problem is the measures that were not taken years ago to prepare for a crisis like this. “

Essential papers

Finally, he wanted to claim in the aforementioned medium the importance of science, epidemiology or research to solve this situation: “That is why it is important that everyone is working side by side, because that is the way to find the solution “.