an epic ending to an epic saga [FW Labs]

After three installments the Hitman trilogy comes to an end, but is this game really worth buying? Here we tell you everything about it.

Hitman 3 has already become one of my favorite games of this year, because not only is it extremely entertaining, but it is every scenario it’s a toy box that you can experiment with in so many ways that it even seems that the possibilities are endless.


To begin with, it should be noted that this game has exactly the same style of play as the two previous installments of this trilogy, because this is more than anything a new season where more scenarios, missions and clothes are added that agent 47 can use to complete the mission, but there is much more than that.

Each mission can be completed in the way that occurs to you, either completing additional missions or just going in search of your main objective. In addition, you decide if you want to eliminate your objective silently and without anyone noticing, or arrive by killing everyone in your sight until you achieve your objective.

Be that as it may, you have freedom of choice from start to finish and that is precisely where the fun lies, Well, almost everything you find in the scenarios can be used to your advantage to complete your mission effectively.

If, after following your target, you realize that he always drinks from the same glass, you may find poison to pour over it. If during your investigation you find that your target is isolated from the world, then you can take advantage of that moment to attack.


The story now marks the end of everything, it is part of the history of Agent 47, but as you can imagine there are conspiracies, betrayals, and twists of history that will keep you glued to your seat, but there is something that you must take into account. That is if this is the third episode of this trilogy, so if you have not played the two previous installments, then you could get a little lost with the events that occur in the game and the importance of the characters that appear here. That’s why I recommend you play the two previous installments first.

Still, the narrative and cinematics are worked in great detail and the voice performances manage to create a great empathy with the characters, even with one who is apparently devoid of feelings like Agent 47 himself.

Each scenario has a story that you can follow to facilitate your assassination task or simply to find out what will happen. Sincerely, my favorite is the one where you have to discover the culprit of a mysterious murder inside a mansion.

The best thing about this is that Hitman 3 serves as a launcher for all the scenarios of the previous games, so you won’t have to log in and out of the game to continue the story or catch up with it.

Other things to keep in mind

Each scenario is a marvel on its own, there is a huge amount of detail from start to finish, each scenario is unique in the way you must approach your goal and, above all, there are many easter eggs in all of them that are wonderful to find.

Inside the things that we can find are alien abductions, hippo gods and a surprising amount of references. Seriously, Hitman games are always full of crazy secrets, but this one takes the cake.


If you are a fan of the saga, then do not think about it for a second, you must acquire it, it is a game that should not be missing in your collection. And if you have never played the saga, then it is a good time for you to start playing this Hitman trilogy, as it is something you must play at any cost.