Amir Khan, English professional boxer of Pakistani origin, is giving a lot to talk about in Great Britain after a video published on his social networks in which speculates on the origin of the coronavirus, which continues to spread throughout the world. Precisely in the British Isles the rate of contagion begins to be very worrying at the moment after not taking severe measures a few weeks ago when Italy and Spain began to suffer it.

It is assumed that the virus was born in China, specifically in Wuhan, because the scientists who study matter determine this. However, the boxer believes that the Covid-19 has been created by humans to exterminate all of society. In the midst of the current global health alert, his words may bring a queue.

“I don’t think it comes from China. People say it originated from a bat and snake soup. Do you believe in such nonsense? I do not. Do you really believe that the coronavirus has nothing to do with the 5G network? The coronavirus is an invention of man », says the boxer in a video recorded during the confinement.

Link it to 5G

“In 2003, when they introduced the 3G network to the world, there was an outbreak of SARS. Then in 2009 when they introduced 4G, everyone started to get sick from the swine flu. We are in 2020, they are testing 5G and we have a coronavirus infection. It is to get rid of us, “adds the British boxer, who does not believe that the coronavirus originated in China.

His words come at a very difficult time for the United Kingdom, which is trying to stop the expansion of the Covid-19. After weeks without taking drastic measures, the more than 40,000 have been infected and 4,000 deaths have been exceeded, reason why the population begins to be alerted. One of them is Amir Khan, whose theory is quite particular …