Freepik has been famous for many years for offering one of the best online bookstores in resources for designers both free and premium. But over time the service has evolved to offer more.

Not long ago they launched a free tool to create animated and customizable illustrations, and now they are testing Freepik Editor, their own online editor with all kinds of templates to create designs In a simple way.

Novice-proof design

Freepik Templates Templates for everything

Freepik Editor is not the first tool of its kind, references like Canva imitated by options like Crello, are just some of the best known. However, the publisher of the Malaga company that recently became the biggest operation of the year on the Spanish Internet, you have on your side its extensive library of very high quality graphic resources.

JoaquĆ­n Cuenca from Freepik

It’s novice-proof design, with everything you need to create simple but beautiful and even professional looking designs, ideal for those who have little time, knowledge and a low budget.

The web allows you to choose from dozens of free templates that cover multiple categories: business cards, Instagram posts or stories, flyers, greeting cards, invitations, logos, resumes, infographics, posters, menus, photo collages, YouTube thumbnails, certificates, and even wallpapers.

Choose, customize, download

Freepik EditorFreepik Editor

Freepik Editor is in beta, but anyone can try it now. It is as easy as opening this link from any browser and choosing a template. Once this is done, you have multiple customization options:

You can edit the template text or add your own text blocks. There are many fonts available, you can customize its color, size, style, spacing, rotation and line height.

This website allows you to create your own fantasy maps of the world, regions, cities and towns in detail

You can also add elements, this includes icons and all kinds of graphics from the Freepik library, many of which you can even customize with different colors to give them your own style.

You also have the option of add free use photos from the bookstore, or you can upload your own images or graphics to add to the design. In the end You can download your creation in PDF format, or as a PNG or JPG image, without watermarks and high resolution.

Despite not being a final version, the tool works more than well. If something is wrong with you or if you have any type of comment to send about Freepik Editor, we are invited to do so from the “Feedback” button that always appears on the page in the lower right corner.

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