an easy recommendation [FW Labs]

More « Pro » than « Air ».

After some time with a market that was indifferent to them, the world of tablets shines again and many people are looking for the experience that this type of device delivers. Apple’s new iPad Air is the easiest recommendation you can give.

Its 10.9-inch IPS screen is a delicacy, which given its price (between the basics and the « pros ») delivers a fantastic experience. Color reproduction has little competition, brightness is good, both high and low, and also True Tone does a good job of making it a comfortable device for your eyes. Obviously I miss Pro Motion, the ability to run at 120Hz, but I understand that it is a luxury of the more advanced models.

Despite not being someone who takes full advantage of the world from the Apple Pencil, it is comfortable and this iPad is compatible with the second generation, which according to experts is very good. It is also compatible with the Magic Keyboard, an accessory that I have not accessed yet, but now I have the possibility if I wanted to take the experience further. This was also exclusive to the Pro, and not now. It is unlocked with Touch ID, which is located on the power button.

The squarer form factor is also inherited, which to my taste makes it much more elegant, with an iPhone 5-like aesthetic that nostalgia does not allow me to overlook. We also have stereo speakers, one above or one below, or on each side in case of using it horizontally.

In addition, it is the case that it now charges via USB-C, making it much more convenient to, for example, connect it to an advanced monitor or pass photos of your DSLR.

On a system level, I feel like iPadOS has evolved to a level where anyone who has used an iPad before and has mastered it will have an easy time getting used to it. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a work device, more professional and more advanced, you can too. I think that the multitasking issue could be even better, but we are going step by step and if there are advances in the next few years, I know that this model will continue to be valid and receive the new versions of the operating system.

This whole package, which now comes in various colors, by the way, comes with the new A14 Bionic processor inside, the most powerful in Apple mobiles so far. From my point of view, it is not a promise that it means running heavy software nowadays (although it can, in fact you can edit 4K videos with ease), but more than anything it means that it will last you for many, many years with decent performance, already Knowing the good record of Apple in terms of updates, it is an ideal machine.

By the way, if you use it to work, easy can give you two days of intense use, and if you use it casually, between five days and a week. It is a round, complete experience, with very few faults to find.

The base model with 64GB of storage costs $ 599.