An attractive influencer turned out to be a 50-year-old man who used filters to look like a woman

There are people who go to the extreme of changing their entire look with mobile applications such as FaceApp, and create characters that do not exist in real life.

An example of this is the case of an “influencer” who was dedicated to traveling by motorcycle in Japan, had many followers and was admired, however, by mistake it was discovered: in fact it is a man of 50 years.

Azusa Gakayuki was a viral star, considered the goddess of the road who attracted the eyes of thousands who delighted with beautiful postcards on a motorcycle, but her followers began to suspect something unusual when one photo showed a man reflected in a rear-view mirror.

About, Monday Late Show, a Japanese television entertainment program, undertook to investigate these suspicions and decided to surprise her for an interview, but When meeting the influencer head-on, the most spectacular lie was revealed.

To his surprise and that of all his fans, It turns out that far from being young, he was 50 years old and far from being a woman, he was a man who used a filter to look like a girl and invent his popular character.

The man finally confirmed that it was all a hoax, arguing that what he wanted was to be famous on social networks, since he would never have reached the number of followers he achieved as a woman ‘influencer’.

Despite the lie, the revelation of his identity made his account go much more viral, as everyone seemed in awe of his skills in editing the images. The only real thing in this story is that he does like motorcycles and traveling.

This only leaves us as learning to check everything we come to find on the Internet, in general, because on this occasion, it turned out to be a real comedy, but we could run into unpleasant cases.

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