“An artist has to do what he wants, he does not come to educate”

The singer-songwriter and poet Marwán presents his book ‘A woman in the throat’. (Photo: Nicola Beccu)

Falling in love, without fear of giving an opinion, without moralisms and as “a free verse within poetry.” This is how the singer-songwriter and poet Marwán defines himself, who publishes his latest book A Woman in the Throat (Planet).

With this reference in his title to the poem La noche by Eduardo Galeano, the poet admits that there have been “many women” who have gotten stuck in his throat. “If you are not in love, you are not a poet,” he emphasizes. That is the only topic that seems to be true, because Marwán belongs to a generation that is in the focus of criticism from the most conservative, who deny that what he does is literature or poetry.

In front of them, Marwán defends himself with his verses.

What remains after reading your book is that it is a self-defense of a poet hated by other poets.

How do you like to start with that question (laughs). I have received certain criticisms at certain times that I found very unpleasant and I wanted to make my plea and my defense. Well, there are three pieces, in the book on this subject, that I love. They are ‘Pretenden’, ‘Poets in the air’ and ‘The stateless person’. In fact, I was about to call the book ‘Stateless’.

Defending yourself is a way to revalue what is yours and I wanted to release some poetic bullets.

But then you include a lot of references to ‘classic’ poets like Galeano, Machado or Pessoa. You do not stop introducing excerpts from other authors.

It’s that I love poets, what I don’t love is people who mistreat me or say things like that about me. I love poetry and poets, of course, it is one of my passions.

Beyond the criticisms of other poets, you also have accounts in Pasó on Twitter that you receive many on social networks …

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