An army of Santa Claus roams the streets to distribute Coca-Cola

With a curious Santa Claus mask, a simple but effective element, Coca-Cola attracts attention.

The company armed its sales force with him, in addition to a mask, following health regulations.

Only members of the company will have access to the mask, since the firm does not seek to sell a product of vital relevance.

If there is a season when I refresh it Coca-Cola highlights is Christmas. The company is closely related to Santa Claus year after year through various executions, the last one: curious face masks and masks from its sales force. It is worth mentioning that this 2020 also commemorates 100 years of the iconic character of the season.

The company armed with Transparent masks and masks of the popular character to his team, following the pertinent sanitary measures to avoid contagions and thus his team goes out to distribute the products to Mexican businesses, which is striking. Only members of the company will have access to the mask, since the firm does not seek to market a product of vital relevance.

Christmas is the most anticipated moment of 2020, in a difficult year for many people in Mexico and in the world, so the marketing approach of the firm is to focus its message this year on recovering hope this Christmas season , after a complicated year due to the contingency.

Among his actions is his recently launched campaign, entitled “United as never this Christmas”, accompanied by a short film, directed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker, Taika Waititi, which invites us to be united even from a distance and which is broadcast on television, as well as on digital platforms nationwide.

They have also generated a packaging for the bow bottle, a special edition of Coca-Cola Original that allows a 600ml bottle to be transformed into a Christmas gift, thanks to the fact that the label on the bottle can be turned into a Christmas bow instantly.

Now they stand out for these elements that have a health purpose, but in the end they can also communicate the message of positivity and hope that accompanies the strategies of the soft drink.

Courtesy: Coca-Cola

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They even generated the web page, so that the followers of the brand take pictures with Santa Claus, through Christmas filters and allow adding several people in the same photograph, managing to include the whole family no matter where is found. This experience will be valid throughout the Christmas season nationwide.

Through these actions, they reinforce their message and related to the Christmas season, one of the strongest in terms of consumption in all industries.

The only traditional event related to the company that cannot be held in person this year is the Christmas parade that many families look forward to year after year, but which they will try to compensate with this diversity of actions and elements that make up their Christmas message.

In the United States alone, sales in the next Christmas campaign will generally grow 2 percent, according to the annual “Retail Holiday Newsletter” report from Bain & Company, which represents a decrease compared to the average of the last decade, located at 3.5 percent. E-commerce and shipping will grow 22 percent, while the food sector will maintain its momentum. This trend would reach Mexico, according to experts.