With the need to fight for equality while respecting the measures imposed by Health to stop the expansion of the coronavirus. This is how the LGBT community of Asturias faces its annual pride celebrations this year, which this time have the motto « distanced but not silenced ».

Aware of the need to fight for equality in the midst of a pandemic that has once again put the community in the eye of the hurricane, the Xega association (Xente LGTB Astur) has decided this year to transfer its advocacy activities to the network. There will be no manifestation but there will be a symbolic act. There will be no floats but there will be a photo contest. There will be no conferences but there will be talks on the internet. In short, there will be no street, but it does fight.

The Asturian artist Rodrigo Cuevas has been chosen, along with the transformista Londra, to head one of the most visual activities of this pride. They will be the « baits » used by Xega to call the LGBT community to conquer Asturias. It is about gays, lesbians or transsexuals making the most common spaces of the Principality their own.

To do this, this weekend a photo contest will be promoted through the social network Instagram that will win who else « likes » it by using the hashtags #orgullonatural and #reconquistandoasturias.

But this will not be the only activity « online ». Xega has also organized three online talks: on Monday Rodrigo Cuevas, Les Greques and Milio Urieta will talk about the LGBT culture seen from Asturias; on Tuesday Marian Moreno will give a workshop entitled « diversity in the classroom »; and on Friday the official Instagram profile of the Conseyu de la Mocedá will broadcast the talk « Pride and harm ». All this combined with the activities organized by the Niemeyer Center, in the framework of the celebration of the fifth LGTB film festival.

Next Saturday, June 27, it will be time to go outside. Of course, in moderation. At 12:00 noon, a claiming bicycle will leave the El Molinón stadium in Gijón. The events in the city will culminate at 8:30 p.m., when a small gathering is called in front of the Jovellanos theater in which several members of Xega will display the rainbow flag.