an alliance with an impact on the business

With a new year underway, it is more than evident that the world has changed and that we must readjust. Crises cause people and humanity to change and evolve, and innovation here becomes essential. Today, technology is more than ever at the service of man and it is he who must direct it. Organizational culture, leadership, teamwork and the importance of having a shared purpose are the keys to achieving true business digital transformation.

And it is that digital transformation is much more than technological, it is above all cultural. That implies unlearning old ways of relating: if we don’t change the way we do things, we won’t get to the place we want. Like all deep transformations, it requires a fundamental change that modifies processes, strategies and ways of working within all areas of an organization and that forces companies to generate spaces that allow their employees to think differently and innovate to achieve results different and extraordinary.

In other words, a change in business culture is needed where there is a perfect mix between technology and the human. When technology arrives to be incorporated into the organization, the collaborative work of all the actors is necessary, both internal, who will see their work processes modified, as well as external ones. So, we must put aside hierarchical structures in their strict sense, in order from all levels and all areas to be part of the change and the solution to every problem that arises on the way to digital transformation.

In this scenario, leaders must generate the ecosystem in the team, a positive environment that accompanies. It must be considered that it is about managing the fear of the staff in the face of change, uncertainty and ignorance. That is how Emotional intelligence will allow us to build trust with the group, favoring relationships and the work environment. A leader who cannot be genuine is in a culture where the humanistic part is not developing as it should. Emotions are an important part of this process, where when mishandled they can frustrate and prevent progress; and on the contrary, well managed they encourage creativity and open the way.

We are almost in the fifth industrial revolution and we continue talking about the digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic. The challenges are so great that if there is no accompanying collaborative philosophy, they cannot be solved in isolation. There is the importance of interaction and the contribution of people.

We tend to interpret crises in a negative way, but these often lead to technological revolutions that allow us an easier and better life. Without a doubt, technology is a very valuable ally of companies that, if they take advantage of it, will advance in the race for digital transformation.


* Country Manager of InterNexa Argentina