An alleged infidelity with an employee, the new Bill Gates scandal

Bill Gates during the 2019 New Economy Forum (Photo: China News Service via VCG via Getty Images)

Scandals do not come alone for Bill Gates. After announcing his divorce from Melinda Gates, it has been known that the intimate life of the richest man in the world transcended far beyond his marriage.

The Microsoft co-founder left the chairmanship of the company’s board of directors in 2020 in what was seen as a “relief”, but according to an exclusive from The Wall Street Journal published this Sunday, there would be an extramarital affair with an employee of the company. company.

“The members of the board of directors of Microsoft Corporation decided that Bill Gates had to leave his position in 2020 while they carried out an investigation into a romantic relationship of the billionaire with a Microsoft employee that was considered inappropriate,” the newspaper said, in the that quotes people close to the tycoon.

For their part, Gates spokesmen have pointed out to this same medium that it is “an adventure almost 20 years ago that ended amicably.” According to this same source, Gates left Microsoft to focus more on his philanthropic organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A Microsoft spokesperson told AFP that the company was notified in the second half of 2019 that “Bill Gates tried to initiate an intimate relationship with a company employee in 2000 and that a committee of the board of directors reviewed the case , with the help of an outside law firm, to carry out a thorough investigation. “

The engineer, an employee of Gates, told The Wall Street Journal in a letter that she had been romantically involved with him “for years & rd …

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